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Personal Services

Take a look at everything we can do for you today.

Buy some bonds.  Secure your valuables.  Get important papers signed.  Make night deposits.  Wire money across the county or the country.  And turn those loose coins into real cash.  At TBT, we're always looking for ways to meet your needs and serve you better.
Fee may apply for services.
Please see Fee Schedule for details.
Texas Bank and Trust is a fiercely independent, community bank with full service locations throughout east and north Texas.

Need to know what's going on with your account right now? TBT's ExpressPhone Banking is available 24/7.

  • Check balances
  • Confirm previous transactions
  • Access CD, Money Market and mortgage loan rates
  • You may also speak with a customer care representative.
  • Call (903) 237-5599 or 1-800-263-7013 toll-free

These fixed-rate investments are a solid way to support your country and save for the future.

Our vault offers maximum security for your important papers, legal documents, heirlooms and valuables.

  • Protect items from fire, weather damage, theft or loss
  • Boxes of various sizes available
  • Contact individual TBT locations regarding fees 
  • Safe deposit box contents are not FDIC insured

Cashier's checks are sometimes required when you need to make a large payment and a personal check or credit card isn't acceptable. They're often required in major transactions, such as real estate sales.

  • Cashier’s Checks can be purchased from any teller at any TBT lobby location
  • This service is available to TBT customers only.

A wire transfer is a fast, secure way to move funds from one financial institution to another. They're often the preferred payment choice in large business deals.

  • Domestic and international transfers available

Signatures on legal and financial documents often require a witness who is an official Notary Public.

  • Notary Publics are available at every TBT location during regular banking hours for customers.
When planning your financial future, it make sense to dig deep into the numbers. We offer a number of online calculators that can help you make the best decisions possible.
  • Calculate home mortgage and auto financing payments
  • Plan your investment strategy
  • Figure out how much you'll need for retirement
  • Please be sure to check with your financial advisor for advice about your specific situation

Can't get to a TBT location during regular business hours? No problem. After hours depositories are available 24/7 at the following locations:

Sometimes the most convenient way to conduct financial business is via the postal mail. At TBT, there's no fee charged for this service.

  • Enclose checks endorsed with your name and account number, and marked “FOR DEPOSIT ONLY.”
  • Include a deposit slip and mail it to the bank.
  • Feel free to ask TBT representatives for pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes.

Under seat cushions. Gathering dust in desk drawers. Tossed in empty coffee tins. Loose coins can be found almost anywhere. We make it easy to turn them into real dollars.

  • Our coin machines are a free service to TBT customers.
  • Our coin machines will separate and count each denomination and  then provide a grand total, which will be deposited into your account.

Why stand in line if you don't have to? If you ask, most employers can electronically deposit your salary into your TBT account.

  • Direct Deposit is a free service for TBT customers
  • A signed authorization by your employer is required
  • Once set up, funds will be automatically deposited directly into your account and will be immediately available.
To err is human. At TBT, we know that. By opting into our Overdraft Protection program, you can avoid blocked payments and heft merchant fees when there's a shortfall in your checking balance.
  • It only takes a few minutes to fill out our opt in form.
Statement reconciliation is a good way to make sure your individual or business financial records match ours. TBT will reconcile customers' last statement for free. See the fee schedule for other fees for statement reconciliation.
  • Due to record retention regulations, research can go back a maximum of 7 years.