Several sets of hands around a drafting table, one person is holding a drafting tool, another is holding a hard hat; small replica of building - all sitting on plan blueprints

Business Lending

Opportunity knocks.  Our trusted advisors can help you open the door.

Texas Bank and Trust's commercial lenders are eager to sit down with you, listen to your plans, and tailor a funding approach that best suits your strategic needs.
*All loans subject to credit approval.

Build up inventory.  Hire seasonal help.  Make timely purchases. A working capital line of credit can provide you with instant access to funds needed to keep your operations on track.
  • Cash-flow management tool
  • Access funds through digital banking
*Subject to credit approval
Machinery ages.  Technology changes.  Growth fuels the need for new purchases.  At TBT, we can help you acquire the equipment you need to stay ahead of the competition.
*Subject to credit approval
Buy property for a new HQ, retail site, or office complex.  Purchase existing structures for commercial development.  Our Commercial Lending Team wants to partner with you on your next big project.
  • Financing tailored to your specific needs, at competitive rates
  • Funds available to rehab existing structures
*Subject to credit approval
At TBT, we understand the need to strike while the iron is hot.  When it's time to grow your business, or acquire a new one, we can help you get the funds that get the job done.
  • Flexible terms and repayments plans
  • Funding for partnership buyouts available
*Subject to credit approval