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Account Fees

TBT Account Fees

Check Copies
  • Five or less: no charge
  • Six or more: $1 per page (up to 12 images per page)
  • Statement Research: $20 per hour
Statement Printout
  • $2 per statement or $10 for one year, without images
  • $5 per statement or $60 for one year, with images
  • Telephone Transfers: no charge
Wire Transfers
  • Incoming: $5
  • Outgoing: $20
  • Outgoing International (with currency exchange): $40
Sweep Transfers
  • Transfers are made from another TBT account to the overdrawn checking account (in increments of $25.00) for the amount of the overdraft.
  • A $5.00 sweep transfer fee will be deducted from the credited account.
  • Insufficient charges will not be deducted from the overdrawn checking account.
  • Check Orders: Price may vary depending on style
  • Temporary Checks: $5 for 8 checks
  • Cashier's Check (customer only): $3
  • Gift Cards (customer only): $3
  • Statement Reconciliation: NO charge for reconciling last month's statement; $15 per hour fee
  • Chargebacks: $5 each
  • Stop Payment: $30 each
  • Overdraft/Returned Item Fee:
    • We may charge a non-sufficient funds or overdraft fee when there is not enough funds in account to cover an item.  Fees may include, without limitation:
      • Overdraft Fees:  based on amount of item (see below).  If account is overdrawn by $10 or less on any one (1) business day, the account will not be charged an overdraft fee.
        • $0 to 10.00 - no fee
        • $10.01 to $20.00 - $10.00 fee
        • $20.01 to $30.00 - $20.00 fee
        • $30.01 or above - $30.00 fee
      • Non-Sufficient Funds Fees:  a $30.00 insufficient funds (NSF) fee will be charged for any transaction drawn on your account (not including ATM or everyday debit card transaction) that we return unpaid due to insufficient funds.
  • Each additional card issued:  $1 per month
  • Lost/stolen card:  $5 replacement fee
  • All Account Types:
    • TBT debit card replacement:  $5 each
    • TBT debit card used at Pulse/Plus ATM locations on premise:  no charge
    • TBT debit card used for off-premise balance inquiries:  $0.75 each
    • TBT debit card used for off-premise balance transfers:  no charge
    • TBT debit card used for off-premise balance withdrawals:  $2 per transaction PLUS location's fee

Digital Banking Services:  no charge
Online Bill Pay Service:  no charge
eStatements:  no charge
eStatements and Paper Statements:  $3 to each enrolled account
  • Current statement options allow you to receive your statement(s) in the form of Paper copies or electronically via eSTATEMENTS. Should you choose to receive both, Paper and eSTATEMENTS, there will be a monthly service charge of $3.00 added to each enrolled account.
  • no charge
  • TBT offers the benefits and convenience of SMARTDeposit at no additional cost with the use of our “Default Limits.”
  • TBT reserves the right to charge fees for the service in the future or for any limit increase approved by your Account Officer. Consumer and small business daily item counts may be increased in increments of 10 additional items.
  • A monthly rate of $5.00 for each incremental increase will be assessed on or after the 5th of each month.
Accounts Closed (within 90 days of opening):  $25
Safe Deposit Box
Safe Deposit Box rental: determined by box size, all boxes are 23 1/2 inches in length
  • 3x5: $15
  • 4x5: $25
  • 3x10: $30
  • 5x10: $50
  • 10x10: $85
(There is a $5 discount if the annual fee is auto debited from a TBT account.)
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee (after 30 days): $10
Key Deposit (refundable when both keys returned): $15
Notary Services (customers only):  no charge
Fax Service (necessary to transact bank business)
  • Continental USA:  $2 per page
  • Overseas:  $10 page one; $5 each additional page
Government Reclamation Fee - $50
Levy/Garnishment/Government Freeze Fee - $100
Change Order: 
  • Currency strap:  $0.15
  • Coin:  $0.10 
  • Customer: $10
  • Dealer Drafts: $15
After Hours Depository:  $15 one-time lock bag fee; $2.50 for replacement keys