ATM Safety Tips

ATM & Debit Card Safety Tips

Texas Bank and Trust is committed to providing our customers with the utmost safety in their banking needs. The use of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and other point-of-sale terminals provide customers with a convenient way to conduct financial transactions using debit or credit cards virtually anywhere at any time.
We would like to encourage our customers to utilize personal caution and increased awareness of the machines you are using and their surroundings when conducting these transactions. This includes protecting your ATM card number, debit or credit card number, personal identification number (PIN) and cash.
In addition to protecting your physical safety and currency during a transaction at an ATM, you should be aware of the possibility that today’s high-tech criminals may have placed cameras and skimming devices at the machine to secretly record your card and PIN numbers.
The following is a list of other tips to increase your safety when conducting electronic or personal transactions:

Electronic Safety Tips

  • Protect Your Card and PIN: Protect your Debit / Credit Cards as if they were cash. Immediately report lost or stolen cards. Do not write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your card or give it to anyone including friends and family, and never reveal it to anyone over the phone. Avoid using numbers easily associated with you, such as your birth date, phone number, or anniversary.
  • Conduct Your Transactions Privately: Use common courtesy at the ATM. Give people ahead of you space to conduct their transactions discreetly. When you use the ATM conduct your business quickly and efficiently, make sure that no one watches you key in the PIN number. Use your body and free hand to shield the keypad entry. This precaution will keep a hidden camera from determining what numbers you have entered.
  • Watch for “Skimmers:" If the machine appears to have been tampered with, re-manufactured, has wires hanging out or has any loose parts, do NOT use it. There could be a “skimmer” attached to this machine designed to copy the information from the magnetic strip on your card.
  • Take the Receipt With You: Never leave the receipt behind. Discarded ATM receipts could lead to identity theft or account hijacking.
  • Check Your Account Frequently: Contact you bank immediately if you find irregularities in your statement, e.g. unauthorized cash withdrawals or charges for services, or items not ordered. The extent of your liability in fraudulent loses depends on how quickly you report the unauthorized transactions.

Personal Safety Tips

  • Lock Your Car: If you must exit the vehicle to walk to the ATM, turn off the ignition and lock your car. If you are using a drive up machine, be sure to roll up passenger windows and keep the doors locked.
  • Observe Surroundings: Use extra caution when using an ATM at night. If the lights at the ATM are not working do not use this machine. If there are trees, bushes or any items obstructing your view of the ATM and it’s surrounding, go to another machine.
  • Take a Friend at Night: Consider taking a friend along if you are using an ATM at night. There is safety in numbers and an extra set of eyes to be more alert.
  • Count Your Cash Later: Once the transaction has been completed, put your money away and immediately leave the ATM premises. It’s safer to count your money afterwards.
*ATM and Debit Card crimes can occur. Preventing such a crime is a cooperative effort between you and your bank. Texas Bank and Trust remains steadfast in efforts to provide you the safest of banking facilities. Please exercise common sense and good judgment when using an ATM or other point-of-sale devices.