Fraud and Suspicious Activity

Please be advised!

We have received many reports that fraudulent text messages are being sent to customers of various financial institutions stating your debit card is locked and requiring you to contact a phone number. Once you contact the number listed, you are asked to enter your card number and PIN.
Texas Bank and Trust will NEVER ask you to enter your card number and PIN!
Should you receive a similar message, please use extreme caution and contact our customer service at 1.800.263.7013 or 903.237.5500.
You may also verify the status of your debit card by utilizing the "Manage Cards" feature within your Online Banking or Mobile Banking.
  • Watch for unauthorized activity on all of your accounts daily
  • Review your credit report for errors or fraud. You can obtain a free copy from each of the three credit bureaus once a year by going to (for additional information about credit reports, please visit Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information)
    Avoid making your PIN number or password something that can be easily guessed, such as your birthday
  • Do not give out personal information unless you can fully verify that you are communicating with a trusted source
  • Shred documents before throwing them away
  • Consider asking the credit bureaus to place a security alert on your account as a protective measure. Even if you are not a victim of ID Theft, this alert will instruct creditors to call you to verify that an account is being opened in your name.
  • Pick up new checks or credit cards at your bank rather than having them mailed to your home
  • Shield other’s view with your hand when entering your PIN number during a transaction
  • For more information and tips about fraud prevention, please visit these websites: