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Our Estate Administration Services Can Provide:

  • Patience and sympathy in time of need
  • Unquestioned integrity and freedom from personal bias
  • Experience in managing all types of assets and property
  • Financial responsibility and sound asset management
  • Informed investment judgment
  • Familiarity with special tax questions
  • Experience with the filing of court documents and court procedures
  • Liquidation and/or distribution of estate assets 

What is an estate plan? For most people, it includes a properly drafted Will and several related legal documents. Sometimes trusts are included in the plan for asset management or estate planning purposes.

When developing your estate plan, the professionals in the Trust Division of Texas Bank and Trust Company can work closely with you, your attorney, and other professionals to analyze your assets, identify income or estate tax considerations, and create a tailored solution that will preserve your estate for your beneficiaries. If your beneficiaries are your loved ones, or if you have charitable inclinations, there are specific steps to be taken to insure your assets are distributed as you wish.

As the named executor, or acting as an agent for an individual who has been appointed to serve as executor of an estate, a bank trust department is able to provide experienced, specialized professionals who are responsible for all phases of estate administration. When Texas Bank and Trust Company is selected as the executor of your estate, we fulfill the directions outlined in your Will. It becomes our responsibility to administer your assets for the management, protection, and distribution of your estate in a timely and efficient manner. Personal, responsive, and professional service is our commitment to the clients of Texas Bank and Trust Company.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a free, confidential review of your current estate plan or to work with you to create a plan that fits your needs.

Choosing an individual as an executor

How did you choose the executor named in
your will? If you are like many people, you
may have drafted your will many years ago, perhaps, when your estate was small. The spouse, relative or friend whom you named
may have seemed a logical choice at the time. But, at the time, you may have realized that:

  1. An individual executor may be inexperienced in settling an estate.
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  2. An individual executor may not consider your estate his or her first priority.
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  3. An individual executor may be absent.
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  4. Any individual executor whom you name may die before or during estate settlement.
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  5. An individual executor may become physically or mentally incapacitated.
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When we serve as
an executor…

Over the years your estate has grown
substantially, and your executor has grown
older – two good reason to reevaluate your
earlier choice of executor. There are many
reasons to choose us to serve as your
executor or co-executor:

  1. Constant availability and continuity.
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    No individual or group of individuals can ensure the continuous availability required to carry out the directions in your will. Only through the designation of a professional, corporate executor can you be certain of the degree of permanence that estate settlement requires. With our continued corporate existence, we can serve from year to year.
  2. Specialized experience and sound judgment.
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    Settling an estate often requires knowledge not easily attainable by someone not constantly engaged in the process of estate settlement. No one individual can be a specialist in all the areas that make up the duties and responsibilities of an executor. We, however, have trained specialists able to provide all of the services needed to settle an estate.
  3. Impartiality.
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    A professional executor will treat all your heirs in the same fair and impartial manner. We cannot be influenced or pressured by anyone, based upon personal or business relationships. What's more, we are unlikely to be approached and asked for special consideration.
  4. Cost.
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    What your executor does, and how he or she does it, can make a difference in what your heirs ultimately receive. Inexperience can lead to mistakes. Mistakes can be costly for your heirs. In addition, when you choose our institution to serve as executor, you are likely to pay no more than you would for the services of an inexperienced executor.

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