April 4, 2012

**Phishing Alert**

Fraudulent emails claiming to be from, containing a subject line of “NeTeller Watch Notice” are currently in circulation. These are “Phishing Emails” trying to get you to click on an embedded Netteller access link. Should you receive this email, DO NOT click on the link, permanently DELETE the email. 

*Notice: Netteller is the program we use for Online Banking.*

Be aware that phishing emails frequently have attachments and/or links to web pages that host malicious code and software. Do not open attachments or follow web links in unsolicited emails from unknown parties or that appear to be known but are suspicious or otherwise unusual.

If malicious code is detected or suspected on a computer, consult with a computer security or anti-virus specialist to remove malicious code or re-install a clean image of the computer system.

Always use anti/malware-virus software and ensure that the virus signatures are automatically updated.

Ensure that the computer operating systems and common software application security patches are installed and current.

Additional information and guidance on phishing is available from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

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