October 18, 2013

ALERT: Canada Added to Signature Block on Debit Card Transactions

Due to the continued high volume of COUNTERFEIT/FRAUD experienced at merchants nationwide, we want to remind you that a signature block remains on VISA ® checkcard transactions at select merchants across the United States and Mexico.  Canada has been added to our list.  The five (5) merchant categories included in that block remain: department stores, grocery stores/supercenters, discount stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores.   When making purchases at these types of merchants, please remember to use your personal identification number (PIN) to complete a transaction to avoid a decline of your purchase. 

These signature blocks remain in place until further notice.

 Please notify the bank when you will be traveling out of town, state, or the country so we may assist in monitoring your account. It is also important to keep your contact phone numbers up-to-date in the event our Fraud Group may need to reach you to verify suspicious activity. We appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to protect your accounts from fraud.

Crystal H signature

Crystal Hardy 
Vice President and
Credit Card Manager 


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