Who We Are

Texas Bank and Trust logoThe bold symbol of Texas Bank and Trust unites our bank's time-honored traditions with our progressive vision for the future. Its unity and integrity reflect our pride in being an East Texas owned, independent bank. The arrows represent our three primary commitments - to individuals, to business and industry, and to the communities we serve.

Our Vision

To create a better financial life for our customers and communities.

Our Mission

Through servant leadership, we commit to providing exceptional financial solutions for our customers and communities.

Our Core Values


We will adhere to the highest ethical standards, conducting our business with honesty and responsible behavior, treating everyone with dignity and respect.


We will recognize and reward superior performance to assure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. We will achieve excellence through hard work, dedication and a passion for success.

Mutual Respect

We will foster an environment of trust through our respect for diversity and by consistently being open and honest in our dealings with customers and with one another. Working as a cohesive team, we will achieve superior results.


We will strive to be trustworthy and dependable in all that we do, believing our professionalism embodies high ethics and superior performance.


We will carry out our individual responsibilities, mindful of our daily blessings to live, work, and worship in peace in the communities we serve, with a grateful spirit and joyous heart.

Giving Mission

The mission of TB&T’s Spirit of Giving Fund is to provide a positive and measurable impact on the communities we serve through our financial, volunteer, and in-kind support of educational, cultural, and social service programs throughout East Texas. To address the opportunities and challenges facing our local communities, we support a diverse group of organizations and initiatives working to improve lives.

Our objective is to enhance the economic opportunity,financial self-sufficiency, educational advancement, health and welfare, and quality of life of all of our East Texas neighbors.


A vibrant and educated workforce is the foundation of a productive society. Texas Bank and Trust continues to create positive change to that end by directing its financial “Spirit of Giving” support to the following impact areas:

  • Education and Literacy Advancement
  • Community Outreach and Welfare Services
  • Health Initiatives and Awareness
  • Art and Cultural Enrichment
  • Economic Development

Primary consideration for financial support will be given to those organization which provide services within the bank’s trade areas. Fund request may be submitted throughout the year. However, no more than TWO financial contributions per organization will be distributed in any calendar year without prior approval by Executive Management. Requests are not automatically renewed each year. Recipients would be responsible for requesting renewed support.

Due to budget limitations and our mission focus. Texas Bank and Trust’s “Spirit of Giving” Fund generally does NOT provide direct financial support to the following:

  • Individuals
  • Political campaigns and/or candidates
  • Employment Unions
  • Organizations that provide support primarily outsides the bank's service areas
  • Organizations raising funds primarily for administrative/operational expenses
  • Organizations raising funds for a group of individual's' travel-related expenses

Requesting A Contribution

All requests for Texas Bank and Trust “Spirit of Giving” financial support must be submitted in writing. Request may also be submitted to any TBT branch location; directly to the Marketing Division, ATTN: TBT Spirit of Giving P.O. Box 3188 Longview,Texas 75606; by fax at (903) 237-1890. Annual “Spirit of Giving” funds are limited. Therefore, not every request can be granted. If we are unable to fund your request, you will be notified as soon as possible by a Texas Bank and Trust representative. For questions regarding request considerations, please contact the Marketing Division at (903) 237-5583.

TBT's Legacy of Giving

Texas Bank and Trust was founded on the principles of integrity, professional excellence, and corporate responsibility. Central to our bank’s core values has been its universal commitment to inspire, involve, and empower its people to work in service of others.

Texas Bank and Trust’s Spirit of Giving unites our bank’s call to service with the power of our human and financial capital to develop our East Texas communities into vibrant areas where individuals, families, and businesses can grow and prosper. While our business of providing financial management and banking resources is necessary for the growth of those communities, our role as a responsible community partner helps to ensure the viability and vibrancy of our society for many years to come.

At Texas Bank and Trust, community is more than just an idea. It is a place where our story begins; where our families grow; where faith leads us home. It is that sense of belonging we feel when we come together with shared responsibilities and common values. It is the very reason that when neighbors help neighbors, we become… PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Statement of Condition, December 31, 2020