Statement Research: $20.00 per hour

Accounts Closed Within 90 Days of Opening: $25.00

Chargebacks: $5.00 each

Telephone Transfers:

  • With Bank Employee: No charge
  • Online/ExpressPhone: No charge

Sweep Transfer: Transfers are made from another TB&T account to the overdrawn checking account (in increments of $25.00) for the amount of the overdraft.  A $5.00 sweep transfer fee will  be deducted from the credited account.  Insufficient charges will not be deducted from the overdrawn checking account.

Check Printing: Price may vary depending on style

  • Temporary checks: 8 checks for $5.00

Overdraft/Return Item Fee: $30.00 each
     Created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means

Stop Payment: $30.00 each

Copies of Checks: 
     Five or less: No charge
     Six or more copies: $1.00 each

TB&T checkcardSM$1.50 per statement cycle
Each Additional Card Issued: $1.00 per statement cycle

TB&T checkcardSM Replacement: $5.00 each

TB&T checkcardSM used at

  • Allpoint ATM locations and on-premise ATM locations: No Charge 

      Transaction charges for off-premise use:

  • Balance Inquiry: $0.75 per inquiry
  • Transfer: No Charge
  • Withdrawal: $2.00 per transaction

Internet Online Banking: No Charge

Internet Online Bill Pay Service: 

  • Individual Accounts:  The first 90 days are free. The fee is $1.00 per month, charged on the last day of the month thereafter, which includes 3 free transactions. Transactions over 3 will be $0.35 per item.
    No charge for TBTmyWay, Preferred Rewards, and Preferred Plus Rewards checking accounts.
  • Commercial Accounts:  The fee is $10.00 per month, charged on the last day of the month, and $0.50 per item. 
  • Non-Profit Account:  The first 90 days are free. The fee is $1.00 per month, charged on the last day of the month thereafter, which includes 3 free transactions. Transactions over 3 will be $0.35 per item. 
    No charge for Small Business Checking or Commercial Super NOW Advantage. 

SMS Text: There is no charge for Text Mobile Banking for Normal Use. Should we determine that there is an Excessive Use of this service, we may impose a monthly fee on or after the 5th of each month in the amount of $5.00 until usage returns to normal or service is canceled. 
Definition of Normal Use: means 200 texts or less used during a one month period. 
Definition of Excessive Use: means more than 200 texts used during a one month period.

The Bank offers the benefits and convenience of SMARTDeposit at no additional cost with the use of our “Default Limits.” The Bank reserves the right to charge fees for the Service in the future or for any limit increase approved by your Account Officer. Consumer and Small Business Daily Item Counts may be increased in increments of 10 additional items. A Monthly rate of $5.00 for each incremental increase will be assessed on or after the 5th of each month.


     TBTmyWay Checking e-STATEMENTS only.

eSTATEMENTS & Paper Statement:
Current statement options allow you to receive your statement(s) in the form of Paper     copies or electronically via eStatement.  Should you choose to receive both, Paper and eStatement, there will be a monthly service charge of $3.00 added to each enrolled account.

Add-On $30,000 ADD Insurance, Identity Theft 911, and Cell Phone Protection (optional):   $3.00 per statement cycle


Cashier’s Check

  • Customer only: $3.00

Government Reclamations Fee: $50.00

Levy/Garnishment/Government Freeze Fee: $100.00

Gift Cards:

  • $3.00


  • Customer: $10.00
  • Dealer Drafts: $15.00
  • Non-Customer: $15.00

Wire Transfer:

  • Incoming: $5.00
  • Outgoing: $20.00
  • Outgoing International: $40.00 (w/currency exchange)

Safe Deposit Box Rental: Determined by box-size

  • Key Deposit (refundable when both keys returned): $15.00
  • Late Fee (after 30 days): $10.00

FAX Service (necessary to transact bank business) for Customer Only:

Continental USA:

  • $2.00 per page


  • $10.00 page one
  • $5.00 each additional page

Notary Services:

Customer/Non-Customer: No Charge

Statement Printout (one month only): No charge

     Two or more months: Statement Research Fees Applied

Change Order: Currency Strap $0.15, Coin $0.10


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