New Look for Online Banking and Bill Pay!

Online Banking and Bill Pay still operate as easily as before but with a new and improved look!  You now have two options when you sign into your account. 

Option 1:
  You can keep the same defaults as before, which we call the
                     "Classic View" shown below in the first screen example.

Option 2:  You can customize "TBTmyWay" and make it your online banking start page.  
                     TBTmyWay is shown below in the second screen example.

Classic View

This is your online banking start page in "Classic View," a layout you already know but with an asthetically pleasing new look.


TBTmyWay - A New Customizable Widgets Feature

With the new look of online banking and bill pay, comes "TBTmyWay!"  You have the option of making TBTmyWay your online banking start page OR you can leave your online banking start page the same as it has always been.  It's entirely up to you.  The new TBTmyWay feature gives you an overview of your accounts and bills and quick access to all areas of online banking in one convenient location.  The best part is that it's fully customizable to fit YOU and YOUR banking needs!  If there are widgets you will not use, you can turn them off.  If you only want certain accounts to show up in your overview, you can make that happen.  TBTmyWay is a feature that lets you see your finances your way! 
Even if you do not customize TBTmyWay as your start page, it will be accessible at any time by clicking "TBTmyWay" on the left side of the dark blue navigation bar.


For more information, view our demo video.


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