TBTmyWAY (online banking)


TBTmyWay, Texas Bank and Trust's Family of Online Banking Services, offers 24-hour access to your account information from the convenience of your home or office, enabling you to manage your money, pay bills, and transfer funds over the internet safely and securely.

TBTmyWay (online banking)


The myDashboard tab found in TBTmyWay is where you can find all of your online banking widgets. Widgets allow you customize your online banking homepage to view your account/bill pay information the way you choose!


The mySettings tab found under TBTmyWay allows you to set up email/text alerts for account notifications of your choosing. mySettings also gives you the ability to reorder or report your VISA checkcards lost or stolen from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device. 

myPay (online bill pay)

In addition to the convenience of paying your bills online, our enhanced myPay service will allow for peer-to-peer and bank-to-bank transfers, gift card purchases, as well as charitable gift contributions directly from you online banking setup.

myPay allows you to remove the hassle of paying bills each month. Whether you are paying for personal services or paying back a friend, you will be afforded ONE convenient and secure location to process all of your personal payments. Also, with the myPay "calendar" you can better plan the arrival date of important payments to ensure on-time payment of bills. 

myOFM - Experience NOW

Online Financial Management is the flagship service of the TBTmyWay e-banking line. myOFM will put the power of managing personal finances back in your hands. The comprehensive money management service allows you to see a complete picture of your net worth by bringing all your financial information together under the trusted umbrellla of TBT and to more accurately plan for your expenses/savings through budgeting and goal-setting. 

This powerful and engaging online service will make managing your money easy and more convenient. 

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