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We want to give you the power to bank on your terms.


Transfer Money Instantly. Balances Update in Real-Time.

Log into your account in moments to see your account balances as they are updated in real-time. You can operate in "off-line" mode, which allows you to schedule payments and transfers anytime you think about it. Your work will update as soon as your phone finds a data signal. You can forget about forgetting about banking!

Image of cellphone depicting Texas Bank and Trust mobile app

Now Introducing Touch ID Integration.

Your mobile banking session has never been more secure. After you log into the app for the first time, you may assign your fingerprint as the only means to access the app on your phone.

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With Bill Pay, send it digital.

Don't worry about going to the ATM or writing a check to pay a friend back for buying your football ticket. Send it digitally through the app! Pay your plumber, your utility company, and even your credit card!

With SMARTDeposit, skip the line.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, and your time is a limited resource. But, you still need to deposit checks! Use SMARTDeposit and never miss a beat.

Screen shot of remote deposit inside the TBT mobile app.

Account Aggregation

The new mobile app includes a feature that allows you to track all of your financial accounts (at other financial institutions) in one place! You no longer need to log into each account separately to make sure your money is where it should be.

Manage Cards Feature

Conveniently allows you to turn-on and off your TBT VISA® checkcard, Report it Lost/Stolen, Re-order a card and Activate a new card.


Available on Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Banking Agreement & Disclosure

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