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Justin McFaul

Justin McFaul

June 22, 2012

The Power of Teamwork
By: Justin McFaul, Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

Every time I see a commercial on TV for one of those electronic stock trading systems or do-it-yourself legal document services, I can’t help but think to myself, “That looks awesome!” Granted, these companies hire brilliant advertising professionals to make you think this very thought, but there is something about the thought of having all of these tools and resources available at your fingertips that speaks to my inner do-it-yourselfer.  However, the longer I contemplate these services the more I wonder what I would do if I really needed some financial advice to help me make up my mind.  Having all of that information available is really only useful if you know what to do with it. This is where I think the value of teamwork shows through. Now I’m not talking about a team of high priced attorneys and financial advisors following you around, but rather a team of professionals in your community that you can count on for solid, sound advice. This team could consist of your local bank or loan officer, a financial advisor or investment professional, an attorney, or any combination of these. You probably won’t need all of these services at one time and yes, visiting with these folks may cost more than the various services being advertised these days, but to me the peace of mind that comes from the advice of someone you trust is very valuable. As an investment professional I’m not immune to this advice – it took a visit with a co-worker of mine to help me make a decision just this week. The next time you catch yourself wondering if the service on the commercial is right for you, consider the expertise of the professionals in your community like those at Texas Bank and Trust. You may be surprised about the valuable resources you find right around the corner!


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