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How We See It

Tawny Ormes

Tawny Ormes

April 7, 2014

52 Week Savings Challenge
Week 41

Well, I can finally see some light at the end of this year-long tunnel! It is hard for me to believe that a year has almost passed. Time really does fly. If you are still hanging in there on this savings challenge, stay strong!

Speaking of hanging in there, I have to be honest with you all. A lot has happened to me since the last time I posted to you. If I remember correctly, I was saying “sayonara” because I was headed to Hawaii. Well, it was beautiful and I had an amazing time, other than getting pretty sick for a couple days. I also stayed within my budget I had set for the trip (Snaps for Tawny!).  Although going to Hawaii was pretty huge for me and very stressful on my budget, something bigger and even better has happened. I AM ENGAGED!

Yes, that is right. I am currently planning a wedding for THIS August. That is about a five-month engagement. Talk about the mother ship of budgets! If you have ever planned a wedding before, you can relate. Anything that has to do with a wedding is automatically about twenty times the normal cost of the item. For example, normal paper napkins are about $2.00-$3.00 for about 100. Wedding napkins are about $10.00-$15.00 for the same 100 count! Personally, I do not see spending $10 on an item someone will wipe their food stains with and throw away.  There are some people that want the fancy wedding napkins that look exactly like the regular napkins, and that is ok. However, my budget nor my mindset will allow me to do that, but I think you get the point I am trying to make.

That being said, five months is not a lot of time to really set aside money for a wedding. Even a small wedding, which was what I had envisioned in my head and has now grown much larger than anticipated, will cost a pretty penny. Although I do have my parents and other family members helping, I am paying for quite a bit. This saddens me to tell you that, I have regrettably spent some of my Savings Challenge money. Yes… I know, I know! I feel really bad about it and it is certainly not what I wanted to do since we are so very close to the end, but a bride has to do what a bride has to do, right? RIGHT? I am just looking for some reassurance here. I will continue to try and put back each week as planned. I am not sure how this will end up and, truthfully, I do not see me having the full $1,378 at week 52, but I will do my best to get close. Although, I am glad that I had that money put back to be able to use for the wedding.  After all, saving money for future use or unexpected needs is what the 52 Week Savings Challenge is all about.

Hopefully all of you challenge takers out there are not too disappointed in me, but I felt it was best to be honest with my “followers.” I am not going to lie; it feels kind of cool to think I have followers! Anyway, for those of you still in it, keep on truckin’ and make it to the finish line. I will do my absolute best to see you there!


Total Savings: A mere $350 :( (Supposed total for week 41 = $861) 



Amy Gillman  |  Posted: April 9, 2014 - 12:07 pm
Congratulations on the engagement! As far as the spent savings, let us all extend GRACE to you. :) The biggest lesson here is that LIFE happens and saving for it is what we should be doing. Kuddos for having the money put aside and for seeing the need to keep on putting it aside in the future. Even if you had to spend every drop of your savings it is not a loss unless you give up and no longer make saving a priority. Good Job, Tawny! Snaps for you! Lol
Diana Payne  |  Posted: April 14, 2014 - 10:56 am
An engagement is such a big event. Our best wishes for your happiness. Your honesty is appreciated and we would expect no less from a TBT employee.
Tawny Ormes  |  Posted: April 15, 2014 - 9:20 am
Thank you Amy! I very much appreciate your grace and your snaps. You are completely right, life does happen and it seems to happen a lot. By saving money it helps us prepare for life when it hits us unexpectedly.

Thank you as well Diana! I felt it was best to be completely honest in this blog. Anyone can say that they completed the challenge, but I wanted to show that I am trying to save as best I can like everyone else. Thank you both for reading.

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