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Crystal Hardy

Crystal Hardy

July 15, 2013

Debit Card Tips for Travel and Large Purchases

Traveling this summer? With debit card counterfeit and fraud on the rise, it is important that you notify the bank when you are preparing to travel or planning on making larger purchases. Calling the Bank Card department ahead of time can help prevent unnecessary fraud blocks that may disrupt your transaction usage while you are on the go. Consider these other tips as you prepare for your travels through the rest of the summer.

  • Notify the Bank Card department when you will be traveling – It is important that we make travel notes and keep our fraud center aware.  Noting where you will be traveling and the length of time you will be gone are helpful to know and can prevent fraud blocks.
  • Providing your most up-to-date cell numbers are a must.  Keep your account updated with good phone numbers.  It is important that we are able to reach you quickly in the event we need to verify potential fraud/counterfeit transactions.
  • Texas Bank and Trust sets daily spending limits on your VISA checkcard to minimize potential counterfeit/ fraud losses.  Our standard retail daily limit is $1,000 and $300 at the ATM. We can certainly raise these limits with just a phone call to accommodate larger spending needs.  You can reach the Bank Card department at 903-252-3179 Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00 and Saturday 8:30 – Noon.
  • While traveling out of state, some merchant transactions will require your PIN number be used during this peak fraud season. This information is currently disclosed on our News & Alerts messaging on our website and was broadcast via statement message, Net Teller Alert or letter last month. 
  • Remember your VISA debit card is a vital resource to accessing your account funds.   Keep it safe and never store your PIN with the card.   

Whether you are across the world or just across town, traveling has never been easier with our comprehensive Bank on Demand services. Let up help you travel with peace of mind. Call us today if you have any additional questions on protecting your checkcard this summer.


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