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How We See It

Joycelynn Rusk

Joycelynn Rusk

June 25, 2015

Journey from a Cool Kid to the Student Board

The following is a guest post submitted by a former member of the Texas Bank and Trust Student Board of Directors

As a little girl, I was always told to save my money and not spend it all in one place when it was my birthday or Christmas. But, I didn't know a place to put it where it would be safe and I wouldn't lose it. Then, my mom told me about making a Cool Kids account to have all of my money in one place to save for a rainy day. After making an account and seeing that my money was safe, but accessible, made me feel like an adult! Learning to save my money at an early age led me to believe in the importance of responsibility and maturity. Being a Cool Kid at Texas Bank and Trust taught me to save money and think ahead to the future to what will happen next in my life.

When I saw the application to be a Texas Bank and Trust Student board member, I immediately filled it out and turned it in. I have always wanted to serve on the Student Board ever since I heard of it when I reached high school. Since my mom is an employee at TB&T, she was more excited than I was when she found out I was a member! At the first meeting, everyone knew who I was, not because I had met them before, but because they were looking for Joyces daughter.

Being a part of the Student Board was a fun experience because I was not only learning about business and ways to use money, but I was making new friends and catching up with people I hadn't seen since elementary school! I was excited to learn new things about how to make money, save it, or invest it in a business or something I believe in.

Now a future college student, I feel that I am prepared to apply for loans and work hard so that the money I earn when I graduate college will be well spent on things that will benefit me in the future. I now have to start to look into things that will help me become a successful African American woman in the world, and Texas Bank and Trust has helped keep me in the right direction.



Joyce Rusk  |  Posted: June 26, 2015 - 9:33 am
How awesome to see the benefits of TB&T through the eyes of my child. I have always thought TB&T to be great to their employees and the community. But with my child the legacy of TB&T continues! Thanks TBT!

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