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2011/01/02 - Kay Jones

Kay Jones

Kay Jones



   As current president of the Bethesda Women’s Alliance at Bethesda Health Clinic, Kay Jones knows that Bethesda is not just a medical facility, but a beacon of hope for those in need, fueled by donors, volunteers, and supporters with faith and vision for a better world. Bethesda Health Clinic is a faith-based clinic dedicated to living out the biblical and historical commission of the church to care for those in need by providing affordable and high-quality healthcare for the working uninsured of Smith County.
   “Bethesda is supported by more than a dozen major business partners who contribute to the needs of the clinic with products, professional medical services, medical supplies, and in-kind donations,” Mrs. Jones said. “At the heart of the health clinic is tremendous individual volunteer support, comprised of 180 volunteer doctors, 140 volunteer nurses, and 250 other volunteers who contribute to virtually all aspects of the clinic’s ongoing needs.”
   Through her volunteer work with Bethesda Health Clinic, Mrs. Jones has also chaired their annual Birthday Bash fundraiser, held in September at Villa di Felicitá in Tyler. The event features a cake decorating contest with entries being auctioned to raise money for the health clinic. Mrs. Jones is also a sustaining member of the Junior League of Tyler, Inc.
   “In the world today, if you are blessed, as I am, I feel a need to return that blessing.  Volunteering is the best way I’ve found to return some of what God has given me,” Mrs. Jones said.
   Born in Orange, Texas, Mrs. Jones has lived in Tyler for 29 years. She and her husband, Barry, have been married 32 years, and are the parents of two adult children, Derek and Lindsey. Mrs. Jones and her husband are members of Marvin United Methodist Church.
   “Tyler is a small town with a big city feel. When you volunteer in your own community, you get a chance to see firsthand how it can help the people in your own backyard,” Mrs. Jon


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