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2011/06/19 - Chris Reid

Chris Reid

Chris Reid



On this Father’s Day, we take the opportunity to recognize a young man new to the world of fatherhood. While most couples await the arrival of their child in a nine-month timeframe, for Chris Reid and his wife, Shelley, the wait was more than two years. In February of 2009, they began the adoption process through

Buckner Children and Family Services and, in March of this year, the adoption was finalized. Sister and brother, Tai, 9, and Taveon, 5, now live together with loving parents in a safe, secure, and nurturing home. Buckner provides families in the Longview community and surrounding areas with training and resources needed to become a family to a child living in the state's custody or to a child available for adoption. A team of professional counselors and social workers build personal relationships and offer emotional support to each and every family.

Since the adoption of his children, Mr. Reid continues to do follow-up activities with perspective adoptive parents through Buckner Children and Family Services.

“I heard a quote once that said, ‘The things that you say you love says a lot about who you are.’ I think the things that you spend your time being involved with says a lot about who you are as a person,” Mr. Reid said. “Working in the social sector, I fully understand the power of volunteers. Without them nothing of significance is accomplished.”

Mr. Reid was born in Longview and has lived in the surrounding area his entire life. He graduated from New Diana High School and attended Kilgore College. In addition to becoming a new parent, Mr. Reid is also beginning a new church and will serve as lead pastor. Motion Church will hold its first service on Sunday, June 26.

“I love everything about Longview: The people, the activities, the humidity (not so much). I believe that I am exactly where I am supposed to be for the next chapter in my life and the life of my family. If we can contribute anything to the community to make it a better place then that’s the least we can do,” Mr. Reid said.


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