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05/17/15 - Dana Parr

05/31/2015 - Dana Parr

Dana Parr

The East Texas Literacy Council (ETLC) is calling all local sesquipedalians to join them for the 24th annual Bee for Literacy, set for 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 10, at the Pine Tree Junior High School cafeteria. Contestants will test their mettle in a fierce, yet jovial, competition as they attempt to spell out a series of ponderous – and often archaic – polysyllabic words for a good cause.

The Bee for Literacy is one of the ETLC’s primary fundraising activities each year, providing monetary support for a variety of programs geared toward teaching basic literacy skills in reading, writing, and math to residents in Longview and surrounding communities.

Dana Parr serves as the vice president on the board of directors for the ETLC. She is honored to participate in the work the organization is doing.

“Basic literacy is fundamental and a critical foundation of a person’s livelihood and self-esteem,” Mrs. Parr said. “ETLC is doing great work to ensure those in Gregg County have access to the help and training they need to have that valuable basic foundation in literacy.”

In addition to her work with ETLC, Mrs. Parr also serves as a board member for the Longview Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Junior League of Longview, Women’s Advisory Council for Longview Regional Medical Center, Buckner Community Insight Council, Longview Independent School District Foundation board of directors, and the Hudson Pep Parent-Teacher Association. She is also a member of Longview First United Methodist Church.

Mrs. Parr is passionate about volunteering because she believes everyone is born to serve.

“We are all here to serve in one capacity or another,” she said. “Find an issue or an organization that is close to your heart and serve them in any way that you can. You may not know exactly who or when, but you will make a difference in someone’s life. Just knowing that you have helped and given of your time is reward in itself.”

Born in Tyler, Texas, Mrs. Parr is a graduate of Gladewater High School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on accounting from Stephen F. Austin State University. She has been married to her husband, Craig, for 15 years and is the mother of nine-year-old Hudson.The Parrs moved to Dallas for a few years before returning to Longview 13 years ago.

“When Craig and I moved back to Longvew from Dallas, we knew we were coming home,” she said. “We knew we wanted to raise a family here and be involved in our community. Everyone that I volunteer or serve with here in East Texas is there to do their part and to truly make a difference. With so many wonderful organizations and people that care so deeply about our community and those that live here, we all are making a difference.”

For more information about the East Texas Literacy Council, please visit www.easttexasliteracycouncil.org.


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