2013 Photo Contest Winners

"Mirror Mirror" <br>by John Petty<br>Best of Show"Aww Mom!" <br>by Mandy Flanagan<br>People's Choice"Texas Morn" <br>by Thomas	Myers<br>Chairman's Award "Holly" <br>by Dale 	Lindenberg<br>Christmas Card Award"Kaleidoscope Views" <br>by Bruce Taylor<br>OMNIClub Birthday Card Award"Texas Proud" <br>by Danny Pickens<br>President's Award"Submerged" <br>by John Petty<br>First Place, Fine Art"Color Burst" <br>by Jackie Lindsey<br>Second Place, Fine Art"Center of Attention" <br>by Sreeman Jampana<br>Third Place, Fine Art"A New Beginning" <br>by Jackie McGlynn<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Cowboy Dust" <br>by Pam Carter<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Tomato Fest" <br>by Lori Martin<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Ride" <br>by John Wrather<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Dew" <br>by Clark Langley<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Caleb" <br>by Garrett Turner<br>First Place, Human Interest"East Tejas Snow" <br>by Bruce Taylor<br>Second Place, Human Interest"Light Her Up" <br>by John Petty<br>Third Place, Human Interest"Grandpa's Love on Wheels" <br>by Anup Bhandari<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Dog Days of Summer" <br>by Traci Mize<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Good Day to Plant" <br>by Brad Watson<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Hudsyn & the Fountain" <br>by Caycee Bell<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Squeezed" <br>by John Petty<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Blueberry Pickin' Time" <br>by Rolan Ranido<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Cypress Reflection" <br>by Ken Millett<br>First Place, Landscape"From the Canoe" <br>by Nancy Pasel<br>Second Place, Landscape"Texas Morn" <br>by Thomas Myers<br>Third Place, Landscape"Follow the Path" <br>by John Petty<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Winter Barn" <br>by Pam Carter<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Lone Tree" <br>by John Wrather<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Egret in Flight" <br>by Don Fincher<br>First Place, Nature"Reflections" <br>by Tom Smith<br>Second Place, Nature"Seven Footer at Bird Island" <br>by Don Fincher<br>Third Place, Nature "Bee & Blossoms" <br>by Pam Carter<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Cardinal at Dawn" <br>by Noah Garcia<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Black Dots" <br>by Rolan Ranido<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Frog" <br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"That-a-Way" <br>by Don Fincher<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Reaching" <br>by Clark Langley<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest

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