2012 Photo Contest Winners

"Biggest Fan" <br>by Brittani Milford<br>People's Choice Award"Rodeo Star" <br>by Lisa Richardson<br>Best of Show - First Place, Spirit of Texas"Cowboys" <br>by Lisa Richardson<br>Chairman's Award - Second Place, Spirit of Texas"Texas Sunflowers" <br>by Mary White-Edwards<br>Third Place, Spirit of Texas"River Otter" <br>by Dr. John E. Petty<br>First Place, Nature"Drops" <br>by Andrea Simonton<br>Second Place, Nature"Immeasurable Beauty" <br>by Dr. Sreeman Jampana<br>Third Place, Nature"The Alamo" <br>by Glenda Derveloy<br>President's Award"A Blast from the Past" <br>by Donna Reader<br>OMNIClub Birthday Card Award"Winter Coats" <br>by Karen White<br>Christmas Card Award"Caddo Lake - Fog" <br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>First Place, Landscape"The Narrow Road" <br>by Richard Laughlin<br>Second Place, Landscape"Sunset" <br>by Clark Langley<br>Third Place, Landscape"Time of Life" <br>by Chrysalyn Barnes<br>First Place, Human Interest"Barefoot" <br>by Brittani Milford<br>Second Place, Human Interest"Best Friends" <br>by Bryan Boyd<br>Third Place, Human Interest"Pink" <br>by John Wrather<br>First Place, Fine Art"Grapes from Larry & Susan's Vineyard" <br>by Jimmy Salmon<br>Second Place, Fine Art"Josie" <br>by Ben Fieblekorn<br>Third Place, Fine Art"Colorful Sensation" <br>by Dr. Sreeman Jampana<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Poppies" <br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Illusion" <br>by Jim Mitchell<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Heart of the Hibiscus" <br>by Jessica Peterson<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Trinket Seller" <br>by Mary White<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"A Moment of Sweetness" <br>by Bonnie Venable<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Here's Looking at Ya" <br>Jessica Barron<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Horse Whisperer" <br>Bruce Taylor<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Gato y Gato" <br>by Ned Smith<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"The Storm" <br>John Wrather<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Blue Bonnet Church Yard" <br>Dave Bennett<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Caddo Lake Sunset" <br>Don Fincher<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Four of a Kind" <br>Karen McAlister<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Nature's Symmetry" <br>Kristi Thomas<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"East Texas Red Foxes, Mama and Cub" <br>Elizabeth Greene<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Squirrels" <br>Dale Lindenberg<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Scarlet Plant Eater" <br>J.R. Lingle<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Honoring Who Gave All" <br>N. Campbell Cox<br>Honorable Mention, Spirit of Texas"Welcome Back to Sandy" <br>Ken Millett<br>Honorable Mention, Spirit of Texas"Texas Pride" <br>Karen White<br>Honorable Mention, Spirit of Texas"Rafter G Bronc" <br>Karen White<br>Honorable Mention, Spirit of Texas

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