2011 Photo Contest Winners

"Frog" <br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>President's Award - First Place, Nature"Magnolia #7"<br>by Mary Edwards<br>First Place, Fine Art<br>"Gloriosa Lily"<br>by Ken Millett<br>Second Place, Fine Art<br>"Cracked"<br>by Glenda Derveloy<br>Third Place, Fine Art<br>"White on White" by Caitlin Miller<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Heritage" by Aimee Vandoren<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Foundation" by Colby Cameron<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Autumn Art" by Tommy Voelcker<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Palm Leaf" by Dale Lindenberg<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"San Cristobal Horses" by Lisa Richardson<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Old Fixture" by Nancy Pasel<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Case" by Michele White<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Cosmic Explosion" by Sreeman Jampana<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Echoes" by Heather Jones<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Smiles of Nonagenerian"<br>by Sreeman Jampana<br>First Place, Human Interest<br>"Reflecting on Past Days"<br>by John Petty<br>Second Place, Human Interest<br>"It's Mine!"<br>by David Hayes<br>Third Place, Human Interest<br>"Saturday" by Brittani Milford<br>Honorable Mention and People's Choice, Human Interest <br><br>"Texas Size Bumblebee Nest" by J.R.Lingle<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Cory & Foxy" by Michele White<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"American Cowboy" by Tommy Voelcker<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Born to Hunt" by Tommy Voelcker<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Birthday Kisses" by Tiffany Henry<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Laced Up" by Tiffany Henry<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Gerald" by Nancy Pasel<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Caddo Sunrise"<br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>First Place, Landscape<br>"Untitle 2"<br>by Carlos Pena<br>Second Place, Landscape<br>"At the Lake"<br>by Mary Edwards<br>Third Place, Landscape<br>"Caddo Sunrise" by Dale Lindenberg<br>Chairman's Award, Landscape<br><br>"Chain Gang" by Richard Laughlin<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape<br><br>"Field of Joy" by Sreeman Jampana<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape<br><br>"Caddo Lake Light" by Steve Korevec<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape<br><br>"Held Captive" by Traci Mize<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape<br><br>"Frog"<br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>First Place, Nature<br>"Sunflowers"<br>by Lisa Richardson<br>Second Place, Nature<br>"Inner Beauty" by Sreeman Jampana<br>Third Place, Nature<br><br>"Frog"<br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>Best of Show, Nature<br>"Frog"<br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>President's Award, Nature<br>"Dazzling Dandelion" by John Petty<br>Honorable Mention, Nature<br><br>"Azaleas After Rain" by Ken Millett<br>Honorable Mention, Nature<br><br>"Caddo Dream" by Elizabeth Patton<br>Honorable Mention, Nature<br><br>"Juvenile Mantidfly" by J.R.Lingle<br>Honorable Mention, Nature<br><br>"Hummingbird" by Dale Lindenberg<br>Honorable Mention, Nature<br><br>"The Pileated Woodpecker" by J.R.Lingle<br>Honorable Mention, Nature<br><br>"Genuine Molten Lava Chocolate" by Pat Graham<br>OMNIClub Birthday Card Award<br><br>"Winters Window" by Kristi Thomas<br>Christmas Card Award<br><br>

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