2010 Photo Contest Winners

"Once Upon a Time" <br>by Anup Bhandari<br>First Place, Fine Art "Macedonia"<br>by Glenda Derveloy<br>Second Place, Fine Art"Don't Ignore Me" <br>by Anup Bhandari<br>Third Place, Fine Art "Christmas Ornaments"<br>by Gayle Johnson<br>Christmas Card Award, Fine Art"Vision" by Anup Bhandari <br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Bokeh" by Ben Leonard <br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art <br><br>"Resurrection" by Dorothy Horne <br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art <br><br>"Orchids" by Gayle Johnson <br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Out of the Darkness" by Dorothy Horne <br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Vortex" by Dr. Sreeman Jampana<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art<br><br>"Autumn's Beauty"<br>by Dawn Mohler<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Pure Country"<br>by Tommy Voelcker<br>First Place, Human Interest"Rebecca"<br>by Michele White<br>Second Place, Human Interest"Trusting Innocence"<br>by Bruce Taylor<br>Third Place, Human Interest"Baby Boy"<br>by Ken Millett<br>Best of Show, Human Interest"Country Bond" by Tommy Voelcker<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Fallen not Forgotten" by Hugh Sparkman<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Cowgirl" by Gena Newman<br>Honorable Mention<br>Human Interest"Waiting" by Kristi Hunt<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Clowning Around" by Don Auderer<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"Boots in Love" by Gena Newman<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest<br><br>"I'm Your Huckleberry"<br>by Tommy Voelcker<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Black Cypress" by Bryan Boyd<br>First Place, Landscape <br><br>"Pines" by Earlon Williams<br>Second Place, Landscape<br><br>"Winter Scene in East Texas"<br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>Third Place, Landscape"Tree Fire" by Hugh Sparkman<br>People's Choice, Landscape<br><br>"Mrs. Lee's Garden" by Hal Orgain<br>Chairman's Award, Landscape<br><br>"Field of Blue"<br>by Don Auderer<br>President's Award, Landscape"Front Porch View" by Bryan Boyd<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape <br><br>"Dick and Charlie's Tea Room" by Jimmy Salmon <br>Honorable Mention, Landscape<br><br>"Snowy Depot" by Clark Langley <br>Honorable Mention, Landscape <br><br>"Dad's Turn To Feed The Young-Uns"<br>by Don Fincher<br>First Place, Nature"Frog Eye"<br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>Second Place, Nature"Dragon Fly" by Ken Millett<br>Third Place, Nature <br><br>"Natures Design"<br>by Dr. Sreeman Jampana<br>OMNIClub Birthday Card Award, Nature"Dogwood Marshall TX" by Richard Laughlin<br>Honorable Mention, Nature <br><br>"Butterfly" by Dale Lindenberg<br>Honorable Mention, Nature <br><br>"Azalea, Spring 2010" by Jimmy Salmon <br>Honorable Mention, Nature <br><br>"Red Wasp" by Earlon Williams <br>Honorable Mention, Nature <br><br>"Lily" by Gayle Johnson <br>Honorable Mention, Nature <br><br>"Baby Red Fox" by William Sikorski<br>Honorable Mention, Nature<br><br>

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