2009 Photo Contest Winners

"BEST OF SHOW "<br>1950's Fundraiser<br>Lynn Fitzgerald"THE WISHING WELL"<br>BY HUGH SPARKMAN<br>CHAIRMAN'S AWARD"CANDY DREAM"<br>BY PAT GRAHAM<br>CHRISTMAS CARD AWARD"Pots of Three"<br>Tommy Voelcker<br>OMNICLUB BIRTHDAY CARD AWARD"PEOPLE'S CHOICE"<br>Peep's Plums<br>Sondra Polk"DAYS GONE BY"<br>BY J. R. LINGLE<br>PRESIDENT'S AWARD"UNINHABITED"<br>BY GLENDA DERVELOY<br>FIRST PLACE, FINE ART"Early Blooms"<br>Taylor Thomas<br>Second Place, Fine Art"Lichen Dance"<br>Julia Farrell<br>Third Place, Fine Art"T&amp;P Glow"<br>Nancy Pasel<br><br>"Waiting to Rake"<br>Allen Conley<br><br>"Trinity"<br>Susan L. Tanner<br><br>"Old Barn"<br>R. A. Gray<br><br>"Frost"<br>Courtney A. Case<br><br>"HELLO BABY"<br>BY DEB GERMAIN<br>FIRST PLACE, HUMAN INTEREST"STRAWBERRY MUNCH"<br>BY MICHELLE CAHAL<br>SECOND PLACE, HUMAN INTEREST"Take Me Seriously"<br>Dr. John E. Petty<br>Third Place, Human Interest"America's Pastime"<br>Tommy Voelcker<br><br>"Chloe"<br>Jennifer Rocha<br><br>"Bob"<br>R. A. Gray<br><br>"Boys and Bait"<br>Anna Wharton<br><br>"Ruuunnn"<br>Bryan Boyd<br><br>"Wedding Bliss"<br>Dona Pitstick<br><br>"First Fish"<br>Anna Wharton<br><br>"BWANA Club"<br>Nancy Pasel<br><br>"Through the Eyes "<br>of a Kitten<br>Christina Massey"LAKE PATROL"<br>BY RICK CAIN<br>HONORABLE MENTION, HUMAN INTEREST"RISING GLORY"<br>BY BRYAN BOYD<br>FIRST PLACE, LANDSCAPE"Deserted "<br>Glenda Derveloy<br>Second Place, Landscape"Quiet Moment"<br>Pat Graham<br>Third Place, Landscape"Martin Creek"<br>Clark Langley<br><br>"Betty's Joy"<br>Mary Edwards<br><br>"Uncertain at Sunrise"<br>Duane Meyers<br><br>"PAINTED SKY"<br>BY TAYLOR THOMAS<br>HONORABLE MENTION, LANDSCAPE"Leaves in Snow"<br>John K. Deaton<br>First Place, Nature"Dead Forest"<br>R. A. Gray<br>Second Place, Nature"APRIL SHOWERS"<br>BY DR. JOHN E. PETTY<br>THIRD PLACE, NATURE"Intelligent Design"<br>Susan Lilley<br><br>"Dandelion"<br>R. A. Gray<br><br>"Reaching for the Sun"<br>John Spradley<br><br>"Simplistic Beauty"<br>Ed Gilmore<br><br>"Majestic Oak"<br>Tommy Voelcker<br><br>"Untitled #1"<br>Maggie Turner<br><br>"SAUCER MAGNOLIA"<br>BY JOHN K. DEATON<br>HONORABLE MENTION, NATURE"LADYBUG"<br>BY AMANDA COX<br>HONORABLE MENTION, NATURE

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