2015 Photo Contest Winners

"Homeward Bound" <br>by John Wrather<br>Best of Show, Fine Art"Whoo Me" <br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>The John E. Petty Award of Excellence, Nature"Grandmother's Pet Peacock" <br>by Emily McFarland<br>OMNIClub Birthday Card Award, Human Interest"Snow King" <br>by Kathryn Reagan<br>Christmas Card Award, Nature"Mirror Image" <br>by Donna Reader<br>President's Award, Landscape"Remembrance" <br>by Audrey Stanley<br>Vice Chairman's Birthday Card Award, Landscape"I'll Always Have Your Back" <br>by Jennifer Cox<br>Chairman's Award, Human Interest"Making Fossils" <br>by Brad Watson<br>First Place, Fine Art"'T' For Triumph" <br>by Rolan Ranido<br>Second Place, Fine Art"Texas Tea" <br>by Bob Oatman<br>Third Place, Fine Art"Oilfield Christmas" <br>by Mike Engelman<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Backroads" <br>by John Jackson<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Floating Softly" <br>by Gayle Johnson<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"The Eyes Have It" <br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Tonka Trucks on Green Street" <br>by David Stanton<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Shakespear's Rose" <br>by Jessica Carrington<br>Honorable Mention, Fine Art"Brothers Whataburger Date" <br>by Karen Pillion<br>First Place, Human Interest"A Summer Swim" <br>by Rolan Ranido<br>Second Place, Human Interest"First Love" <br>by Jessica Bailey<br>Third Place, Human Interest"Longview Shore Men at Lake O' the Pines Reservoir" <br>by Susan Stanton<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"PawPaw Knows" <br>by Alice Voelcker<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Five Horsepower" <br>by Don Auderer<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Guitar Man" <br>by Linden Black<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Cooper" <br>by Jeanette Cobb<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Fire Man Inspired by John Petty" <br>by Emily McFarland<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Kayaking on Caddo" <br>by Jackson Wyers<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Texas Rising" <br>by Rolan Ranido<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Passing It On" <br>by Geoff McKay<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Out at Home" <br>by Geoff McKay<br>Honorable Mention, Human Interest"Evening Lights" <br>by Brad Watson<br>Landscape, First Place"Tracks" <br>by Clark Langley<br>Second Place, Landscape"Sunset at Old Folks Playground" <br>by Don Fincher<br>Third Place, Landscape"Red Sunset" <br>by Dave Bennett<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Journey to Everywhere" <br>by Jessica Carrington<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Kilgore #1" <br>by John Wrather<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Lone Tree in a Violent Sky" <br>by Tom Barnard<br>Honorable Mention, Landscape"Whoo Me" <br>by Dale Lindenberg<br>First Place, Nature"Cardinal on Ice" <br>by Karen White<br>Second Place, Nature"Double Majesty in the Pines" <br>by Kristi Thomas<br>Third Place, Nature"Comforting Friend" <br>by Leslie Marsh<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Summer Dreams" <br>by Tina Marie Reed<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Dragonfly 1" <br>by Bonnie Forbes<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Bee Happy" <br>by Brad Watson<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Indigo in a Sea of Seeds" <br>by Danny Pickens<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Horsefly" <br>by Amanda Cox<br>Honorable Mention, Nature"Fog and Buffalo" <br>by Mary White-Edwards<br>Honorable Mention, Nature

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